SSL Cert purchasing/installation

A feature was added to register domain names, I think the same concept would be awesome for SSL certs! Each customer we have for one of the companies I work for need a ssl cert purchased/installed for eCommerce. It currently takes about 15 minutes to do this manually and a heck of a lot of steps. It would be awesome to integrate this so you can purchase a SSL cert via vm and have it automatically install it for the site.

It can be done in the Pro version this way – so simple. Just assign a private IP for the server then enable SSL for the server then install the ssl cert through the Manage SSL site.

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It is so easy having SSL on website. Just assign dedicated IP address and Install SSL on website. I install more then 30 SSL per day. We do buy SSL at $14 from They do provide support also, if you are new to SSL then try with We have good deal with these guys.

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