SSL Cert not used by virtual server


I just bought a signed cert. At the moment there was a self signed cert on the server:
I want on domain YYY.NET the cert of
I went to Server configuration => manage SSL certificates, requested a csr, got it signed and put it back.
Copied it to webmin, usermin, dovecot. These all work. Excellent.
Though when I go to I get the cert error of (untrusted, ofc).
What did I do wrong?
I already went to services => Configure Website for SSL and selected in the SSL option the certs I uploaded.
Even rebooted the server.

Help my newb ass pls :slight_smile:



You may want to give Apache a restart, just to make sure your new certificate is loaded.

When you browse to your site, and then look at the certificate – is it correctly showing up as being from your commercial SSL provider, and not a locally generated self-signed certificate?

If so, you may need to add a “CA Certificate” to Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates -> CA Certificate. Some providers require that for their certificates, and they should have provided that for you when you bought the certificate.



Thanks for your reply!
As always, you provide crucial information.

I rebooted the server, that didn’t work.

It was still showing the old self-signed certificate.

I added the CA certificate (thanks it was required).
I added the CA certificate to the virtual server
I restarted apache

It still shows the old cert :frowning:

Any other options? :slight_smile:


It’s fixed.
I changed the cert of to the cert of
The site embeds ads from Perhaps this might have caused the problem?