SSL Alias by Directory or Symlink


Im trying to find a way to use one SSL on a VirtualMin box and then be able to host several different ecommerce sites on the box.

Ive went through the available options listed in the Docs here but still not sure will work for me, I do not want to run a wildcard SSL and wildcard domain name pointing to all one IP.

I was wondering if there was a way to use paths and symlinks.

Basically, something like this. could be a parked domain on top of say primary

Then get an SSL cert for and point to the IP. Then during checkout a person would hit and that would cover the site for

Then if I have subservers, say hosted as a subserver, it would be under /home//mysite/domains/

How do I get then all these subserver sites to use the same cert?

So how would I get to work in their /home/mysite/domains/theirsite/public_html

Would symlinks were in this instance or is there another way?



With the way SSL works – you can only have one SSL certificate per IP address.

So your options for making that work are –

  • Get multiple IP’s, and put an SSL cert on each IP

  • Purchase a UCC SSL certificate, which allows you to use multiple domains on one cert – which could then be used on your one IP

Or, another alternative – those other sites could always redirect to your SSL protected primary site during the checkout process.