Ssh for the users

Hi. How to give ssh acces to user under my top level domain or subdomain?

Do you just passwd user?



Is this user a Virtual Server owner, or an email user?

Virtual Server owners should have SSH access by default.

Other users, such as email users – if you go into Edit Users -> USERNAME -> Other user permissions, you can set the login permissions there.


Hi, not server owner

I know server owner got ssh

Its user under main top level domain

Have look on pic

there is no ssh option tho

What is SCP ?

Just to know if you give SSH to anyone on Vmin he can browse outside of domain folder, he can see all domains hosted in /home and he can browse a lot of folders. What he cant is see files inside /home/domain(s) and cant open or copy most of the files from your system (outside of his domain). There was some long topic under issues but not sure if concluded with any solution but i know Vmin devs was thinking how this is perfectly ok. Now it up to you if you want to give such freedom to anyone or no one.