Split virtual server into three amost identical servers

Virtualmin GPL
CentOS 7

I would like to split my existing virtual server, which has about 240 alias’ (sub-domains) all using the same Home Directory, into three identical virtual servers with appprox 80 alias’ in each.

My initial attempt at creating a new VS with the same top-level domain name failed as Vmin didn’t accept the duplication. Is there another way I can achieve what I’m trying to do?


Hmm, can you describe how that might look once you’re all done?

I can offer though that it’s not possible to have the same domain added multiple times, a domain is essentially a unique key.


Thank you for your reply.

I must admit I’ve had some trouble thinking this through to the end.

The aim is to allow Let’s Encrypt issue SSL certs for all alias domains so I’m searching for a way to get around their 100 cert limit - this was one suggestion from their forum.

I guess I was hoping something like:

mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)
1.mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)
2.mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)
3.mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)

80.mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)

mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)
81.mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)
82.mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)
83.mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)

160.mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)

… and the same for the remaining 80 alias’. Different content is served to the alias domains using php/mysql.

Looking at it I can see how Vmin and perhaps LE might get confused over this. Maybe some crafty redirects?
I had looked at using a different top-level VS like:

anotherdomain.com (/home/anotherdomain/public_html)
1.mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)
2.mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)
3.mydomain.com (/home/mydomain/public_html)

although I can’t use …/mydomain/… as the home folder location of the alias’.