Split Services Virtualmin GPL

Could some please point me in the direction of documentation on how to split different services across different servers within virtualmin?

i.e mail on server1 dns on server 2 & 3 etc.

Many Thanks

Here’s the old FAQ on the topic:


The one after that is also relevant. They aren’t completely up to date, but they’re close enough to accurate. The short answer is that mail cannot be realistically run on another server without giving up some capabilities. DNS is easy (though you still need a small local server for a handful of reasons; but it can be firewalled off from the rest of the world and only used locally, so it can remain small and unobtrusive), and databases is easy. We’re working on a mail overhaul that will allow complete removal of mail from the system while keeping all features. That’s a little ways off though. Oh, spam and AV processing can be offloaded, which may be useful, since that’s the hardest part of the mail chain from a resource usage standpoint.

And, of course, web service will always be on the Virtualmin system.

New docs are slowly but surely showing up.