spamtrap - hamtrap

Wow! I love the new feature. But, you know what would be REALLY cool?

It would be so nice to have a method of dropping a footer to all email delivered (per-domain and perhaps per-user) that had something like this:

"Help us better filter your spam! - Please forward any unmarked spam to spamtrap@{}. You can also forward good email accidentally marked as spam to hamtrap@{}."

I would imagine it’s possible now, but probably a little complicated. Not sure, but if there is a way to do this with some SA/procmail/postfix configuration I’d be greatly appreciative of any tips.

Oh, and one thing I did notice was that the aliases did not show in the domain aliases. They’re there (postfix /etc/aliases), just not visible in the domain owner view. So, as unlikely is it may be, there’s the chance a domain owner would try and add ‘spamtrap’ as an alias, which I would image would fail (or worse). Just something I noticed.<br><br>Post edited by: siteomatic, at: 2009/01/25 10:15


One thing to get you started in this realm – a tool along the lines of "alterMIME" is designed to handle adding footers to messages.

Coaxing it or another program to add a footer would probably just be a matter of adding a few lines to the /etc/procmailrc to tag incoming emails.

Just be careful that you don’t overload your system – if you get a lot of emails, adding a new program to the mix could effect performance!

What new feature is he talking about?


In Virtualmin - Spam and Virus Delivery - Create spamtrap and hamtrap email aliases I clicked “yes” and saved but no aliases were created and I can’t forward messages to

Thoughts ?

If you go back in that Spam and Virus Delivery screen, is it still set to “Yes”? You didn’t by chance notice any errors when you click saved, did you? How about in /var/webmin/miniserv.error, any errors in there?

Are you using Postfix? If so, do you notice the spamtrap or hamtrap aliases in /etc/postfix/virtual?


Weird it didn’t stick the first time. I redid it and it stuck. Yes the aliases show up there now. They don’t show in the VM mail aliases though but that’s ok.

Thanks for the help.

Another question, when I train email whether manually using sa-learn of through this method does train mail on one domain train spam detection for all incoming mail on the server for all domains?

I just tried to set up

Create spamtrap and hamtrap email aliases?

with a simular result as above. I selected yes and received the message

The virtual server has been successfully updated. Use the links below to continue managing it.
Edit virtual server settings.
Manage mail and FTP users.
Manage mail aliases and autoreplies.
Manage and create databases.
Show all of your Virtualmin virtual servers.

But no aliases have been created and there were no error messages.

Any suggestion ?