SpamAssassin Start Error

I just upgraded from Centos 5.6 to 5.7 and upon reboot, SpamAssassin won’t start with this error:

“spamd: could not create INET socket on Address already in use”

I found that rpc.statd is using port 783.

“tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2721/rpc.statd”

How do I correct this?



Poking around on Google, it sounds like you aren’t the only one who ran into that… but the issue seems “intermittent”.

Looking at how rpc.statd obtains what port to listen on, it receives that from portmap. But there isn’t a standard port that’s used. So it sounds like portmap is capable of giving out a port to rpc.statd that’s used by other daemons.

If you were to reboot (or just restart portmap and rpc.statd), the problem may go away. Or, if you aren’t using NFS, you could always disable portmap and rpc.statd altogether.


Thanks Eric,

Assuming I got the restart commands right, that didn’t seem to do anything. I broke down and rebooted and was was able to start SpamAssassin then.

Thanks again,