Spamassassin Procmail setting

In the docs ( i read this:

Login to Virtualmin as root.
Open the System Settings category on the left menu, and click on Module Config.
Select the Spam filtering options section.
Change the Default delivery for spam and for viruses to whatever you want.
Click Save.

Well, i would opt for:

Append to mbox-format mail file …

and enter:


but that wouldn’t work at all. The idea is, that if using imap, there should be a spam folder, where every spam mail can be found and deleted from.

Someone to put me in the right direction, please?

Thanks and best

The pathname “$home/Maildir/.spam” doesn’t sound like it’s a spam folder, but actually it is.

The original documentation seems to be correct where it says: “By default, email classified as spam [is] delivered to the ~/Maildir/.spam file under each user’s home directory. This shows up as a folder named spam in users’ mail clients, and in Usermin.”

Hi joe,
thx. Interestingly it is set to be delivered to mailbox, not to spam folder. I am wondering what is happening there. Checking the folders, i do not see a spamfolder but i see, that some spamassassin folders and others have a last change date in 2014. I can also not find the clamav module, but clamav is installed. No Emailuser has a spam folder; so how to manage that one, please? I just think, that the original documentation is not very clear on that one :wink: Shall i use $HOME/Maildir/.spam or ~/Maildir/.spam ?

Also, i have the feature spamfiltering and virusfilterin selected, but it does not seem to work. How to get it back? I am sure i might be missing something.

Btw, i checked Virtualmin’s config and got this: Apache configuration file /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php5.conf contains SetHandler lines that prevent PHP from running with domain owner permissions. These lines must be removed.

i am running php with mod_php; so i am wondering, what happens, when i remove those sethandlers. But would they keep the system from using virus filtering and putting spam in a spam folder?

Thank you

Well, in this context, a mailbox and mail folder are essentially synonymous.

But OMG you seem to have a lot of issues (it never rains, it pours). How critically important is this server? Sometimes it pays to wipe it all our, and reinstall the OS and everything else from scratch. You get all the latest software, and with the experience you have from the last time you configured everything, it might go more smoothly this time.

well, then i will move the virtual servers to another virtualmin one, and reinstall (next weekend) :slight_smile:
If i move them back on brand new install, it shouldn’t rise the same issues, right?