spamassassin level per user

is there any way to get setting per user ? Specifically spamassassin level per user. Thank you.


Are you asking how to make SpamAssassin work on a per-user basis?

You can do that by going into Email Messages -> Spam and Virus Scanning, and there set “SpamAssassin client program” to “spamassassin (Standalone program)”.

Once you do that, SpamAssassin will check for a config file in $HOME/.spamassassin/user_prefs each time it delivers an email.


Why users need to mess with shell to have this granular control ?

Never the less just figure it out that I won’t probably stick with virtualmin at all, as it creates system accounts, not virtual ones.

Can’t have everything I suppose. :wink:

I did want to mention though that it is possible to edit SpamAssassin settings on a per-user basis for anyone with a Virtualmin login… that option would be available in the Webmin modules list.


Could you please point where exactly, as I wasn’t able to find these settings.

Though there is Virtualmin limits for server owner section, but ticking Allowed capabilities and features for: “Can configure spam and virus delivery” and “Can edit email settings” gave no results.
Thank you.

I do have webmin installed. Actually I have installed virtualmin on top of it.

You can access that in Webmin -> Servers -> SpamAssassin Mail Filter.

I had to ask Jamie how that worked, as I wasn’t entirely certain what files it was editing.

Jamie had this to say about that –

When a virtual server owner edits his spamassassin config, it actually updates files in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/spam . These get used as the global config when spamassassin is run as the user who is receiving email, and are combined with the user's personal config in ~/.spamassassin

The /etc/webmin/virtual-server/spam/$DOMAINID directory is initially
populated with a copy of the global config, which the domain owner can
then override.

I know this is rather old post, but I also cannot enable this feature per virtual server.
I itch both of mentioned options but in virtual server Webmin, spam assasin option doesn’t show up.