Spamassassin is scoring for all of a sudden, even when not on the DB

Very strange, but the past week or so myself and customers have started to have loads of emails go into to spam.

I set spamassassin to check various databases including and

Gmail’s IP has recently gone into sorbs so no Gmail was accepted. I reduced the score.

But ALL of my server incoming emails have a score for all of a sudden. My server has worked for years, then all of a sudden we have a score for this DB even though when I check the IP it is not listed on
4.0 RCVD_IN_RBL_DNS RBL: Entries listed in RBL

I have had to change the score to 0.

Anyone have any idea why this may be, could it be a server issue, or could it be an issue at returning a false positive?


what os are you in? what versions you use? - thanks.

A more relevant question would be why you are using a list like sorbs is bad enough, but it’s at least semi reputable, whilst dnsrbl shows up as malicious on Google according to my searches.
Truth be told I never even heard of it before just now.

There is one more that I use, from a very solid email provider, I just don’t remember the full address of the list now. Will update tomorrow.

It’s just from research of how to improve spamassassin. It’s a minefield. Without a custom local conf file spamassassin is terrible. I spent a while reasearching other blogs for other people’s recommendations and ended up with a list of databases to check. I have no way to know if a database is good or bad.

Looks like has closed down anyway.

That’s probably the problem!

It’s Centos 6

True, that’s why I don’t use SA locally on my Virtualmin server.
I have a cluster of spamfilters using Proxmox Mail Gateway setup to handle incoming and outgoing emails.
It’s sweet.

The other list I mentioned is, ran by the folks behind (amazing Jarland from LET).

Oh. Considered an upgrade, since it’s been EOL for close to a year now?

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