Spamassassin is not working.


I have webmin and virtualmin installed to host a couple of websites. But for some reason I’m getting ALOT of spam (about 1.5GB per day). I have spamassassin installed and I also checked the server and spamassassin is running so I’m not sure why its not working. Could anyone help me with this problem?

Thanks in advance!

You haven’t mentioned if you’re using Virtualmin Professional or GPL, or whether you installed manually or via our automated install script.

Is spamassassin actually processing the mail? Unless explicitly configured to do so, Postfix will deliver mail directly to the users mailbox.

We use procmail to handle mail processing in Virtualmin Professional (and in GPL from version 3.58 onward, though the necessary components aren’t entirely handled during install…but will be soon), which checks with spamassassin and clamav to decide whether/where to deliver the mail.

I’m using Virtualmin professional, and spamassassin was installed via the install scripts section of Virtualmin. Do I still need configure anything else in order to have spamassassin functioning right?

Thanks for the help!