SpamAssassin does not take a new server name

I changed my server name, but Spam assassin keeps the old one (that I kept valid anyway).
I did not found any setting for this, and when I try to edit the config file, Webmin says "Invalid config file.
This file (etc/spamassassin/ exists at the correct location, but it is all commented out. It has no option to configure such a thing.

This is a minor issue, but my email headers show this server name beside the smtp one.

Thanks for help


I suspect SpamAssassin isn’t configured to use any on hostname, but that it detects it on it’s own.

If you’re still seeing the old one – it may just be a matter of restarting SpamAssassin, as it may only detect that on startup.

On most distros, you can do that with this command:

/etc/init.d/spamassassin restart

After doing that, does the correct hostname show up in your headers?


Bull’s in
It was exactly that!
The mail header now report the correct server name