spamassassin configuration for one domain only

Hi, I’m testing a new mail server with virtualmin Gpl and Centos 5.5. I see that for each domain I can set different spamassassin parameters but if I make some test this configuration don’t work. If I set this to main spamassassin configuration all work, but for all domains. What can I check to resolve it? Thanks a lot.


Unfortunately, the per-domain settings won’t work correctly when using SpamAssassin in daemon mode. Alas, the daemon mode does save a lot of CPU time, so it’s often worth it to continue using it as such.


Thanks a lot. So, if I need to customize settings in one domain I will continue to modify each user_prefs file, right?
Another question. Can I configure spam delivery for all virtual servers to an email address such as spam@domain? I try to set it in Spam and Virus Delivery - Destination for spam emails - Forward to email address - spam@$DOM , but I think is not correct because don’t work.

No info about spam delivery settings? Thanks.

if I need to customize settings in one domain I will continue to modify each user_prefs file, right?

It’s not a Virtualmin limitation, it’s one of spamd… that is, if you’re using the daemon mode, I don’t believe SpamAssassin is going to look for individual settings. Any settings you want to change would need to be globally. Even so, the daemon mode is still worthwhile in most cases, it saves quite a bit of CPU.

Can I configure spam delivery for all virtual servers to an email address such as spam@domain?

Yeah, you should be able to configure that in Server Configuration -> Spam and Virus Delivery, and set “Forward to email address”.

If that’s not working, take a peek at your mail log in /var/log, and see if it gives you any clues as to what’s not working correctly.


If I set spam@$DOM in Virtualmin - Module Configuration - Spam filtering options, I receive this errore in maillog:
sendmail[15000]: o69ErW5x015000: spam@… Hostname required
I prefer to set it in general setting so is not necessary for me to set it in all domains.
I think it does not accept this parameter. Do you know what can I use?
Thanks a lot.

Yeah, it sounds like that field doesn’t interpolate variables… unfortunately, there’s probably not a way to do that at the moment.

The best I can offer is to either set it for each domain, or to file a feature request and ask Jamie to make it interpolate $DOM so you can set that just once :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. i will set it on each domain manually. About spamassassin setting I confirm you that if I customize users_pref file, spamassassin check this setting and not global configuration. I’m running it in “spamc (Client for SpamAssassin filter server spamd)” mode.

Another question regarding clamav. I set up it in “Server scanner (clamdscan)” mode. Is it correct? I don’t see any scan log in maillog file.


I answer to it myself. I made a test with EICAR virus and clamd find it and delete email. I don’t see any log but I find it “Maildir/.virus”.

Last question, do you know how can I tell sendmail to send spamassassin also outgoing mail and not only incoming mail? I see, for incoming mail, sendamail call procmail and then spamassassin, but I don’t find in Internet a procedure to do this also for outgoing traffic.

Thanks a lot.


Getting SpamAssassin and ClamAV to also process outgoing email isn’t currently supported by Virtualmin for the reason that you mentioned… the way they’re setup, they only get called when delivering email.

It is possible to get such a setup to work, but it’d require some manual configuration… and you’d want to make sure you don’t accidentally break your current setup in doing so, so I’d suggest trying all this on a test system first if possible :slight_smile:

Some people use Amavis-new to solve this problem, I think it can be configured to have SpamAssassin and ClamAV scan outgoing email. But you’d need to verify it’s compatible with a Virtualmin setup.

There may also be some sort of “milter” setup for Postfix that can be configured to scan outgoing emails.

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with any of the above setups, but hopefully it at least gives you an idea of how to get started :slight_smile:


Thanks Eric, I’m testing Amavis-new in a test machine. Not good results until now. I see I need to make a dual setup for sendmail and it creates me some problems with Virtualmin.
I will let you know final result. If you hear something new about this please, let me know.

Do you think is better to forward outgoing mail to another mail server to do spam and virus check?
I think if secondary server receive mails it will check these like incoming mails.
Is it possible using virtualmin and webmin? Are there some modules to do it?

Thanks a lot for you patience.

Where in Virtualmin is the single, master spam classification level set?


Well, it depends on what specifically you’re looking to alter, but you may want to take a peek in Webmin -> Servers -> SpamAssassin Mail Filter.

In that screen, there’s a variety of global settings that you can set there.

Will that do what you’re after?


Yeah, that’s it. I was just a little spun to find that the domain specific ( I thought) level of 1 was actually a global setting. Thanks for setting me straight.