Spamassassin Bayes DB - using SA-Learn, autolearn

i am using a Virtualmin/Webmin Installation on my Webserver.
I want to allow the users to train the spamassassin by themselfs. For this I created a Imap Folder, which gets scanned by SA-Learn by a cronjob. sa-learn -u user@server.tld --spam /home/server/homes/user/Maildir/.spam/{cur,new} --progress , which learns the spam into the bayes db. The Spam is recognized correctly if i do a manual scan with:
spamassassin -D -p /home/server/homes/user/ -e < "$email" > /dev/null 2>&1
But still spam messages are reaching my inbox, which are scanned against a bayes db according to the headers, but it seems that spamassassin is not using the users DB.
Spamassassin is configured as “standalone” in the moment.
Can anybody help me how to get this working correctly?
Thanks for your help

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