Spamassassin and .png spam


Am wondering if any one has a good idea for stopping this relentless scourge of png based spam getting through to mailboxes - its getting beyond a joke as to how much is coming into client’s mailboxes!

The spam comes with a typical distasteful subject and a .png attachment trying to sell you the usual.

Spamassassin really struggles to stop it (as it can’t read the image). I understand there is a plugin which may help called FuzzyOcr, but looking for other equally good ideas!



Hi Paul,

This isn’t officially supported by Virtualmin by any means… but I did have some luck with that FuzzyOCR plugin you’re mentioning.

It’s a third party SpamAssassin plugin available here:

Essentially, it can read text on images. So it reads the images in the email, and based on a wordlist, decides if they’re spam or not. You can tweak the specific criteria it uses.

While it does work for me, I tuned it down a bunch from the default so that a “hit” wasn’t worth as much as they make it by default

On Ubuntu, "fuzzyocr" is available in their repository, so you only need to do "apt-get install fuzzyocr".

On Debian or CentOS, you’ll need to install it manually, but there’s a few HOWTO’s and Tutorial’s on that around the Net if the instructions on the FuzzyOCR site don’t immediately click for you.

Hi Eric,

So I suppose you’ve been experiencing similar spam then?

I’ll give it go and see what results I come up.



Yeah, definitely, and lots of it :slight_smile:

it’s driving me nuts. It started not too long ago. Looks like servers based in China. Products seem to come from Canada.
Oddly enough I only get the spam on two mailboxes.
Per haps time to block China all together.

That sounds like the future to me… didn’t know it existed…

It doesn’t seem like you were too impressed with it, though. I assume the server load was completely unacceptable?

What did you think?

A brief bit of reading and googling seems to indicate that cranking up the spamminess points of the freemail test (a third party plugin for SpamAssassin) might be a less resource intensive alternative for this brand of mail. (Though this assumes most of the mail is coming from freemail services, which I don’t know to be the case.)

I’m pretty sure there’s a GeoIP plugin out there somewhere, which might be worth looking into, if everything is coming from a specific locality.

About a year ago I did block a certain country by IP (with .htaccess). Unfortunately the databases where it pulls from, changes regularly. I noticed since the IP of another country got blocked as well (that happened to be the server admin rofl).

Now I use Postgrey since 2 days and spam has gone for now. hooray