Spam not checked for domain alias

I’ve created a Virtual domain e.g. and a domain alias e.g. The customer is using an e-mail address on the domain alias e.g. It seems that mail is not being scanned for spam for the alias domain.
There is no option in the alias control panel to enable spam scanning for the domain. And when I edit the user, the option “Check e-mail for spam and virusses” is set to “no (disabled for virtual server)” and cannot be changed.
For the domain however (the ‘parent’) there is an option for enable spam scanning and of course i’ve enabled that. But still the alias mail is not being scanned.

My question of course is what settings I have to change to get the mail to be scanned. Any ideas?

One solution might be to convert the alias to a subserver. But I don’t know what will happen then. Will the mailboxes still work, with the same passwords and everything?

Thanks for any thoughts!

If I’m not mistaken, there should be no option to edit users in an alias domain at all, since they share the users with the “target” domain. Aliases do not have their own users, so I’m stumped how you can edit that “info@” user for your alias domain. :slight_smile:

Can you double-check that the domain is set up correctly as an alias, and not as a sub-server or such?