Spam haus with virtualmin postfix server

OS type and version centos 7
Virtualmin version virtualmin 7

how can we fix to sending emails postfix and not delivered as spam, like that i send to and i receive spamhaus

thank you


If you’re talking about outgoing mail being tagged as spam, the problem is that your IP is in Spamhaus’s database. They tend to be a bit aggressive.

You can try looking up your IP here and requesting removal.


I’m not sure I understand the situation. Google does not explain how or why mail has been filtered for spam (you just don’t get delivered, generally), and they would not say your IP is in Spamhaus. Where are you seeing Spamhaus? Be specific. I have no idea what you’re talking about because it can’t be from GMail (as far as I know).

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may be you need to add spf and dkim dns records.

The only one I know of that sends a somewhat-coherent reason why a mail was rejected is iCloud. I actually use them to check my mail settings on new servers now. Their responses are helpful.

OP did mention Spamhaus, however; so I’m assuming they got some kind of bounce message referencing them.


Yes, that was my assumption as well, but Google does not do that, so…we don’t know what OP saw because I don’t see how it can be what they’ve described.

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