spam/hamtrap - acknowledgement of receipt?


I use spamtrap@ to submit the odd bit of spam I get through, in the hope that spamassassin’s database will be improved.

However, I receive no acknowledgement for this from the server, so I am left wondering… did anything really happen?

In terms of usability, I think it would be nice to get an acknowledgement from the server to say “thanks for reporting this as spam”, or something similar.

Is this feature available on virtualmin? It sounds like an auto-reply type setting, and in some ways it would be nice if it behaved like that, acknowledging the first N spamtrap messages per day and then not responding again until the next day…

Thoughts, anyone?



There isn’t currently a way to do that, though I’ll mention it to Jamie, as that wouldn’t be such a bad idea… thanks!


Hey Eric,

Thanks for your reply.

Look forward to hearing more on this, if it’s of interest to Jamie & co…