Spam Assassin stops adding spam headers

At least once a day spamassassin stops adding spam headers and my Thunderbird mailbox starts filling up with spam.

Spamassassin is still running but issuing a "/etc/init.d/spamassassin restart" causes it to start adding the headers again.

Does anyone have an idea why this might be happening or ideas on how to track the cause?

I notice lots of entries in th eprocmail.log as follows:

Program failure (1) of "/etc/webmin/virtual-server/"

I sthis part of the problem? If not, should I be concerned?

It might be, but probably not, since a restart of spamassassin brought things back to life.

But, it’s probably clamscan timing out. Switch to clamdscan (you’ll need to let Virtualmin setup clamd for you, if it’s not setup by your OS, and start up the daemon), if you haven’t already.

I’m not sure what else would cause that error, other than a timeout.

> you’ll need to let Virtualmin setup clamd for you

How do I do that? No clamd configuration options that I can find.

Look in Email Messages:Spam and Virus Scanning

If you’re on an OS that has a sane initscript, by default, (that’d be Debian 4.0 and Ubuntu 8.04, I think) you can just start clamd. Otherwise Virtualmin will setup a virtualmin specific clamd service per the clamav developers recommendations, and start the daemon for you. There’s button to do it on systems that need it on that page.

The only options there were for spamassassin or spamc.

I did a locate clamd and punted on /usr/sbin/clamd.virtualmin. That seems to have worked because I now have the virus scanning options in Email Messages:Spam and Virus Scanning.

Joe, as you know I’m running the Pro version on Centos5 that you helped configure last weekend. I would just comment that having to resort to command line intervention to start the virus scanning is not very “Pro”. Hope you can pass this on to the developer so this can be improved in future.