space problem procmail.cache.pag

There is one file
too big.

What is this file?
Is possible set to zero or limit this file?

I suppose you could just delete the file (and procmail.cache.dir), while Webmin is stopped. Since it’s called a “cache”, and apparently used to store procmail log lookups, Virtualmin will quite probably recreate the file when needed. It seems to be created only when necessary. On one of my systems which does not process incoming email that file doesn’t exist at all, and on another with regular mail traffic, it exists with 1024 bytes size.

So the question is, why did it grow so large for you, and what are its contents. Are you receiving a lot of email? Jamie will probably need to answer what the file is used for exactly, I can’t find that out by just looking at the code for 10 minutes. :wink:


This is an odd area where it looks like it’s a problem, but it isn’t actually a problem :slight_smile:

The file isn’t as large as it looks… if you run this command, you can get an accurate size:

du -hs /var/webmin/procmail.cache*

Virtualmin uses this file to store parsed email logs for faster searching. If you want to remove it, you can… but it will be re-generated when you try to search mail logs via Virtualmin.

It’s a special type of file, called a sparse dbm file. It utilizes space in an unusual manner… you can read about sparse files here:

It’s completely harmless though, it’s really not using the space that it says it is :slight_smile: