SourceForge Community Choice Award Nominations

Howdy all,

It’s that time again. SourceForge is holding its annual Community Choice awards, and is taking nominations for projects until May 29. If you haven’t already nominated the Webmin project, I think it’d be pretty cool if you did. We all owe Jamie a great debt for his tireless work on Webmin these past 11+ years*, and this is an easy and quick way to give him a little pat on the back from the community. Since you use Virtualmin, you’re a Webmin user…we couldn’t have built a tool as powerful as Virtualmin without the core functionality that Webmin provides.

To nominate Webmin, browse to its project page at SourceForge:

And click the "Nominate for the 2009 Community Choice Awards" link on the right side of the page and fill out the form. I think the "Best tool or utility for SysAdmins" is the obvious category choice, but Webmin covers a lot of ground, and probably fits in other categories as well.

Thanks for your support!


*-For those new to the world of Webmin, a brief history lesson: Jamie released the first free and Open Source version of Webmin in October of 1997. He has been the primary maintainer of the code ever since, and has written several hundred thousand lines of code for the project. Webmin now include over one hundred standard modules, covering nearly every aspect of UNIX/Linux system administration, and is downloaded over 2 million times per year. It is used by many of the biggest corporations in the world as well as thousands of hobbyists and small to mid-sized companies. It has been translated into dozens of languages, and has inspired hundreds of third party modules and appeared in more projects and commercial products than anyone can count. It has been in constant development throughout those years, and is more popular every year.