something a bit fishy going on ...

I’ve set up virtualmin, and it seems to be working okay. Which I guess makes a change for this particular forum :stuck_out_tongue: however, I’m not recieving emails at all, they don’t even show up in /var/logs/mail.log

I have a nasty feeling there may be an issue with my dns setup. Like, y’know, a reeeeeeally sticky issue.

I currently own the domain, which is being the nameserver domain, i.e. correctly points to my server. Both and A records within virtualmin are also pointing to the same correct IP. works correctly, brings up another website, not owned by me, and nothing to do with me whatsoever, or something. Which… is kinda weird.

Now, I have another domain (, which all works fine, except for the fact that it won’t recieve emails … yet the A record for (and is set correctly within virtualmin

So … does anyone have any ideas?



You may want to take a peek at a site such as… it’ll go over your DNS records and list any “red flags” it sees. You can do that by going here:

From what they’re saying, it looks like one of your nameservers isn’t responding.

However, using the DNS server that does work – I’m seeing an error message “Forbidden” that suggests that it’s working, but that no website is uploaded.

Had the IP address for that site changed recently? It’s possible that the problem you’re running into is just a cached address, and that it’ll be cleared out in a day or two.


right, yeah - ns2 was pointing to another server earlier that didn’t have a dns server on it … it will later on, once I get this one going i’ve temporarily sent ns1 and ns2 to the same IP for diag.

only red flag i see is a reference to PTR records, which by my understanding doesn’t seem related to the issue i’m having …