Some simple questions

Hi community,

I have two more question, they are about the “user panel”.

  1. How can I remove the menu entry “Excluded Directories” from the user panel?
  2. How can I remove the menu entry “Change Password” from the user panel? (User can change password option is already deactivated"

Thank you.

I don’t believe it’s possible to get rid of “Excluded Directories” without directly modifying the theme.

Regarding “Change Password” – is there any particular reason you’d like to disable that? I just want to make sure I can’t assist with a better solution.

For example, some people disable that because it, by default, changes the MySQL password too – which breaks PHP apps.

But that’s fixable by going into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> MySQL, and setting "Update MySQL password to match server to “No”.


Ok, thanks.

Another question: How can I disable that the user can crate and delete filesoutside his public_html dir? (Where cgi-bin, stats is?)


Those directories are all owned by the user, so it’s not possible to make it so the Virtual Server owner can’t do things with them.

However, what you could do is create an FTP-only user who’s rights are limited to $HOME/public_html/.

To do that, go into Edit Mail and FTP users, and all the way over on the right is an option named “Add a website FTP access user”.


Ok, that worked, and how can I do the same for the JAVA File manager? The settings of the FileManager in Usermin have no effects, only the one in Webmin. But there I can’t set the public_html dir.

Someone got Piwik running with Virtualmin? I’ve installed the latest Virtualmin-Analytics module, and Piwik but it seems not to include the script automatically in the header of the .php files.

How about yours?

For a new topic such as this, I’d highly recommend starting a new forum post :slight_smile: