Some important preliminary questions.

Hello all!

I have some questions regarding cloudmin. It looks great, but theres just so many dead-ends in the docs.

  1. Is shared storage supported? I would hope so. I would like to use iSCSI, but I suppose NFS might suffice.

  2. Is there a user control panel?

  3. What is the hardware requirements? Is CPU virtualization support necessary (ie AMD-V)?

  4. Is there any demo or screenshots of the interfaces available online? Is there a trial license I can install with to demo this in my lab?

  5. We have a lot of hardware for this project, how do I find out more about the partner program?

Im sorry if these are answered somewhere in the docs, couldnt find them!

Thanks in advance, cloudmin looks fantastic from what I can see.

Nothin? Thats cold man. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, i guess joe is busy atm

Most of your questions are answered in this forum.
I could try answering them but I dont have cloudmin yet.

But without intense knowledge I would say:
1 and 2) yes
3) modern hardware would suffice and No.
4) you can ask Jamie for access to a demo (in the issue tracker)
5) mail to sales @