[Solved] Virtualmin Pro - What can I expect?


We recently received new funds for a non-profit organisation and are thinking of upgrading.
Thought it is of course important to understand what the pro version of virtualmin will provide us, and how it will aid us to maintain our server better.
At this moment I only know about the dashboard statistics that is extra in the PRO version. Who will help me?


Have a look here Remibruggeman



Well look at that … Where dit you find that?

I asked the same question not so long ago :slight_smile: I have it bookmarked.

they should put it very visible somewhere on the site … More people might upgrade …

Yea I also couldn’t find it anything when I was searching for it. oh well :slight_smile: Long live Virtualmin I know I would be lost without it :slight_smile:


I’m going to send a message to Eric to see about getting that link placed somewhere making it more visible. I’ve heard people talking about this for sometime, and agree, the compare link does need to be somewhere people can find it :slight_smile:

I’ll post, or have Eric post a reply once something has been done.

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