[SOLVED] no php5 in centos 4.6 install?

After installing virtualmin pro v3.51 on CentOS v4.6, only php4 was available. Anyone know what I did wrong? Or how I can get php5 to installed for virtualmin users? I’ve attached the install log for giggles.<br><br>Post edited by: kato, at: 2008/08/06 06:48

Err… the log wouldn’t upload; let me give it a second shot… [file name=virtualmin_install.txt size=73768]http://www.virtualmin.com/components/com_fireboard/uploaded/files/virtualmin_install.txt[/file]

CentOS doesnt have php 5.2. After Virtualmin is installed, you should be able to install them from the virtualmin repos. Just type #yum install php5

Will do; thanks. I never imagined it would be so simple… I wonder why the installer doesn’t include this, as it does on other systems?

I installed php5 using yum and, as I feared, if I go into virtualmin and look at the Services, there is only a “PHP4 Configuration” (it doesn’t seem to recognize PHP5 as installed). Is there something silly I’ve missed to get virtualmin to pick up on php5’s presence?

Is it available in your updates? If you go to https://yourserver.com:10000/security-updates/ can you install it from there?

It is listed as installed in the security-updates section and also in Virtualmin under Server -> PHP Versions.

However, under Services, there is only "PHP 4 Configuration" (no 5). Is this a bug? Anyone know how I get this to show up?

I was able to correct this by manually adding a php5 directory and php.ini file at ~/etc/php5, for each domain that I had already installed.

Then the option to switch between php versions was available.