SOLVED - Mail Directories that Show in Squirrelmail - Sometimes I see Spam directory sometimes not

I try to set up all my VPSs with the same virtualmin configuration and use the same install scripts like squirrelmail. When I use squirrelmail to look at a users mail, I always see the directories Inbox, drafts, sent and trash in a red font. Sometimes I see the directory spam in black font underneath these, sometimes not.

I’d like to always be able to see the spam directory so I could check it to see if anything useful has been sidetracked.

What do I need to do so I can see the spam directory?

SOLUTION: This was solved for me by a network admin who helps me. In Squirrelmail there is a folder option. At the bottom of this page is a subscription feature. In a default Squirrelmail set up you are automatically subscribed to the folders in black below the red ones. You can unsubscribe from drafts, sent and trash, leaving just spam and you then have all the mail boxes covered.

Virtualmin forums are well indexed in Google so I am hoping this will help someone else with this issue.