[SOLVED] How to change Group id of virtual server

How can I change the group id of a virtual server. I discovered it was incorrect as I couldn’t get mod_fcgid to work on just this server. Also for some reason which I have no idea or what it is, in /etc/webmin/file there is a .acl file only for this server and not for any others ???

When trying to validate the site I get

Apache website : SuExec group is set to #599, but the virtual server’s GID is 500

The GID should be 599

I resolved this by:-

  1. Allocating the correct group to the user in users and groups

  2. Edited the file for the domain in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains/ changing the ugid, gid and ugroup

  3. Set the correct owner and group on the domains files in




  1. In the servers fcgi-bin and etc php.ini files changed the group. These file are immutable so you have use chattr -i first and afterwards for the files which use symbolic links use chgrp -h GROUPNAME FILE

Hopefully that is it as I have not rebooted the server yet.