[SOLVED]FTP Default Dir is Maildir

Sorry if this has been asked before. I’ve searched the forums and, although there are a number of threads on FTP login issues, I can’t find one like this…

If I create a virtual server, the default user created has full access to all folders in the home directory, via FTP. However, if that default user then creates an Email and FTP user, when the new user logs in via FTP, it takes him to the Maildir, as the default, with no option to move elsewhere.

I can’t find why this happens, so any help would be appreciated.



My apologies, as my first post now appears to be incorrect.

What it seems is actually happening is that the user logs in via FTP, is taken to the home directory, but is only shown the .usermin and Maildir folders. The rest remain hidden.

I’ve checked the permissions, which are correct and, if I FTP in as the server owner, I can see all files and folders. It’s just the sub-user who has trouble.


That’s what I’d expect for a typical Email or FTP user, whose home directory would be in /home/$VIRTUAL_SERVER/homes/$USERNAME.

To create an FTP account with access to the public_html directory, you’d want to go into Edit Mail and FTP users, and create an Website Access User, which is the option on the far right when you go in to create a new Mail and FTP user.


Dammit, I knew it would be something simple!

I’d assumed that creating a user under “Add a user to this server” and setting permissions to “Email and FTP”, would work. In my defence, even as I type this, the logic would appear to be that it should.

So, I need to remember that “Add a user” is for e-mail only access, really, and “Add an FTP user” is for both.

Thanks Eric. much appreciated.

I could kick myself for not trying it first.



Yeah, agreed that the different options may be a bit confusing… but, it’s not actually that one option is email, and the other is FTP.

Instead, adding a “new user” is meant to be a standalone user, with FTP and Email access – but with a dedicated home directory. And if you lock users in their home directories, they won’t be able to upload files to the public_html dir :slight_smile:

The website access users are meant to be users who share responsibility for modifying the website, with no access to other areas of the account. So they don’t get their own home directory, or email.

Hopefully, that explains it a little better… and maybe one of these days, we’ll come up with a decent way to word that in the GUI there :slight_smile: