[SOLVED] Domain listed two times

I’ve migrate my site from one server to an otherone.
Everything is ok by on the new machine my domain is listed tow times.

In the /home directory there is only one directory…
Where can I fix this please ?
Thanks for your help.

The picture cant be loaded, at least not for me.
But try to to restart the webmin interface: /etc/webmin/restart

Thanks for your reply. Restart didn’t change it.

Okay, where exactly is it listed two times?
Did you migrate the site from Virtualmin or another CP?
My guess is, that in a database (or file) it needs to be changed but I currently dont know which because I am new to Virtualmin.

I assume, you just have doubled entries under /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains directory, as any file under that directory is treated as a website.

Oh great ! I had to change something in the domain file 15099816868795 so I did a backup15099816868795_old and leave the file in this directory. Deleted the _old file and now it’s ok !
Thanks a lot.

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