[SOLVED] Change default website storage to another disc

Hello, I have to change the default storage folder of the sites. Currently it is in /home/USER. I need to change the location to /mnt/disc1/USER. How can I make this setting?

Why don’t you mount your /mnt/disc1 as /home ? and you are done :wink: so long you want to move all users account from your existing /home to that new drive !

Since this server was just created, I still do not have any users on it :slight_smile:

So very easy to do then :slight_smile:

How do i check if /home is redirecting to my 100gb block storage instead of the default disc?

I formatted the droplet, mounted the disk in the / home folder and then installed Virtualmin. He recognized the new partition automatically. I used CentOS 7.4 on Digital Ocean.