[SOLVED] Brain too small to create a subdomain

Hi everybody!

If you think about THE real newbie, I could be that one :slight_smile:
Actually I had to take a VDS for my website and I’m not able to do the easiest thing I guess : create a subdomain. What I want to do is very simple.

I created a top-level server with the domain mydomain.com and it created the folder : /home/mydomain/. I put my web documents into the folder /home/mydomain/www/. The website works great, everything’s ok.

Then I wanted to create a subdomain admin.mydomain.com just to have some other web documents into another folder : /home/mydomain/admin/ for exemple.

I tried different things : create a sub-level server or create a top level server with admin.mydomain.com and each time I get this error (translate from french) :

Creation failed: the domain admin.mydomain.com is already handled by your Apache Server.

So what must I do actually to make admin.mydomain.com go into /home/mydomain/admin/ ? Or what is the best way to deal with subdomain?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Well, it sounds like you’re on the right track.

However, anytime Virtualmin creates a domain for you, it creates two aliases along with that domain… it creates admin.domain.com, and webmail.domain.com.

Those are both redirects – one redirects to the Virtualmin admin interface, and the other redirects to the Usermin webmail interface.

My recommendation would be to use a name other than “admin”, and then it should work just fine.

That said – note that “subdomains” would typically go into a brand new directory of their own. So, if you were to create, say, “foo.domain.com”, it would go into /home/mydomain/domains/foo.domain.com".


@mt2: Should you “insist” on using “admin.domain.com” as subdomain name, you can break Virtualmin off auto-creating that subdomain by editing the server template, section Apache Website. There’s a switch “Redirect admin.domain” you can turn off.

So I could have tried for hours creating a subdomain called admin… Then I’ll just take another name for my subdomain, it doesn’t matter.

Thanks a lot guys!

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