[solved]Attachment size


Where can I change the size of a single attachment in the incoming mail?


You can’t. You can only change the size of a message (an “attachment” is an imaginary thing–it’s just more text to the mail server–that clients turn into attachments when they arrive).

That would be set in the Postfix module. You want the General Resource Control page, and the option is "Max size of a message".

However, I would suggest you think long and hard about that. It’ll lead to some confused users at some point in the future–sooner or later, depending on how small you set the limit. Postfix already defaults to a pretty reasonable limit (50MB, I think). Probably better to use disk quotas to restrict usage.

There’s the value of 10240000, I presume that is in bytes, if I think good this is 100MB. A few days ago friend sent me an e-mail with an attached file, 43MB and got response from the server that the message is too large.

Ok, I know what is it. It’s not 100MB but 10MB. Now working great.