[SOLUTION] DNS Server is not a fully qualified domain name

Hello friends, I have come here with the intention of raising my problem and if you can guide me on the steps that I must follow … since I have read much of the material found here in this forum, but so far no positive results.

as well as describe the title, arrived at that checkpoint of virtualmin: I get the following warning message “the default master DNS server exodus is not a fully qualified domain name” I have already modified in networks -> host.mysite.tld without solution .

these were some of the post I read:


if they have any tutorial, manual, guide, etc. that you can recommend me to read will be welcome.

Of course, I thank you for your time.



A friend already gave me the answer

Thanks for the answers received to this new member, very poor the mood there

I’m surprised you were able to install it without a fully qualified hostname…the install script is supposed to keep asking until you give it one (unless you use the --force option, which is a terrible idea outside of an automated system that’s been tested thoroughly). I guess if it’s setup via DHCP it’d get reset on next boot or network restart…I might ought to deal with that case, as well since so many VMs seem to be getting their network from DHCP these days.


in fact I’m also surprised, since I installed the whole system in a natural way without forcing anything.

Not using DHCP

The world of computing is something very relative …

From already thank you very much!

Sorry for my bad English ; )

Joe it will continue, always has done, what planet you on, regardless of the warning from AndreyChek that it will bring about future issues, with email etc etc etc

I really do think you have a great product, overbloated and missing competence in it’s very basic server setup. Hostname, rDNS etc etc etc.


What’s with all the negativity?

rDNS is generally outside the control of Virtualmin. It is the responsibility of the owner of the network block. There’s literally nothing we can do about rDNS setup (though Webmin can manage rDNS is your host delegates responsibility to your server).

And, Virtualmin does set the hostname when you install…as I mentioned above, I don’t know how OP completed an installation without a hostname being set; it’s basically impossible unless hostname is set by DHCP.

Also, please be constructive with your criticism. We welcome constructive feedback, but insulting us (especially with incorrect information about Virtualmin) isn’t helping anyone, and distracts from the work we’re trying to do and the community we’re trying to build.