software veriosn question

I am curious what versions of the lamp stack are instlaled by the new virtualmin installer for the following os:
Centos 7
ubuntu 16.04LTS
debian 9

Thanks all.


The software versions are the ones included by the vendors for those distros in question.

With Ubuntu 16.04, that comes with PHP 7.0.32, MySQL 5.7.23, and Apache 2.4.18.

With CentOS, that comes with PHP 5.4.16, MariaDB 5.5.56, and Apache 2.4.6. Additionally with CentOS, the SCL repository is used to pull in PHP 7.x as well. Any PHP version from the SCL repo can be used, but I believe the installer brings in PHP 7.1 from that repo.

I unfortunately don’t have a Debian 9 install handy to look, but it looks like that distro comes with PHP 7.0.30 and Apache 2.4.25. I don’t know which database version that comes with though.