Software licenses page

This is not so much for me, but maybe a field next to each license so you can type a note in so you know what server it belongs to.

Hmm good idea untill you move the licence to another server or in fact try to run 2 servers using the same licence what/who updates this, no doubt a sys admin may forget to up date this in the heat of moving the server. Perhaps just leave the installed version of virtualmin to inform you of errors as it does now

It would be a non-binding text field, it would be optional and for the license owner to alter only and only for their reference

Not much point then as a licence holder should remember where the licence is deployed, if not it gives you grave doubts the licence holder should be running multiple instances

  • companies have staff
  • some companies replace staff

Why would employees be messing with a virtualmin account ? If this within a company this information would be in the companies knowledge base and up dated there rather than allowing all and sundry access to a virtualmin account. The companies it department, therefore, would be responsible for updating that information. That said this may be the responsibility of the accounts department as they may pay or not for a licence key. If I had employee’s there would be no way I would give access to a virtualmin account I would just simply pass the required information to those who need to know, via a knowledge base or other means i saw fit

Sys admins are employees too. This doesn’t seem like a big deal (amount of effort to implement) perhaps another one to put into the Blue Sky?

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Missed my point slightly, I worked in local government for a number of years, all the information to use software was always placed in the KB, To this day I never found out who was in charge of this data, licences etc, but I would guess it was the officer in charge of software purchases. As employees we were not given access to, in this case the virtualmin web site, at all. Would allowing Employees to access this data leave it open to abuse, if you say remove an employee from the company but the user still has the credentials to login and could either add on remove licences

you have my sympathy.

(local) government and poor management go hand-in-hand. These days things should be clearly documented along with all access controls and when an employee leaves/is removed/dies there are clear steps to take to change/revoke vital data to the business. (inclding the nuclear launch codes)