Software Licenses module updates and brief unavailability starting now-ish

Howdy all,

I’m about to update the Software Licenses module with some new features. This requires replacing the current UI with a new one, and briefly removing some functionality (start and end dates will be removed from the UI for a short time). The module may be completely unavailable for a brief time, as well, during the update. I expect it to be done within an hour, so most folks will not notice.

The user-visible changes will be:

  1. Expired licenses will no longer be listed in the Software Licenses page.
  2. A new Expired and Canceled Licenses page will be added, linked from the Software Licenses page, for reference. Expired and Canceled licenses no longer really have any value, except as historic data. There is no longer a lower cost renewal product, as all products dropped in price dramatically in January; so if you need to renew an old license, you can just buy a new one and run the “virtualmin change-license” command to turn on the new on on the old server, without impacting your Virtualmin installation.

This will help clean up the licenses list for people with a lot of licenses, and will help us more readily find the right licenses when we need to update stuff. It also includes some backend changes to allow me to begin adding back in reseller features; license comments will be coming back in a few days, I expect, for example.

If there are things you’d like to see in the Software Licenses page, now would be a good time to put it on my radar; I actually understand how Drupal Views and Entities interact now, so I can probably make good ideas happen.