Software Collections PHP 7 mcrpyt library not available ?

I just installed php 7 via Software Collections but can’t find a version of mcrypt for it anywhere.

Anyone know whether or not this is available as I just read a blog post from Remi who made the version for php5.6 saying it is outdated and shouldn’t be used anymore ?

phpMyAdmin for one won’t work without it and maybe some payment gateways.


Take a peek at the phpmore repo in SCL, I think that’ll have what you’re after:

From that link “This collection is deprecated…”.

But you can install mcrypt directly from Remi repo with yum install php70-php-mcrypt in case of multiple PHP running side by side or yum install php-mcrypt if PHP 7 is the only PHP running on your system. In both cases you will need to enable Remi PHP 7 repo.

Just so you know php-mcrypt will be deprecated once 7.1+ PHP is out:

Hi andreychek

That repo is for php5.6 not php7

In the instructions on for installing php7

yum install rh-php70 rh-php70-php-mysqlnd

This only installs 11 packages whereas yum install rh-php70* there are 40 packages. Are there any issues with installing the other packages besides the fact that rh-php70-scldevel won’t install if php5.6 is also installed as it conflicts with file from package rh-php56-scldevel ?

Hi Diabolico

yum install php70-php-mcrypt doesn’t work as it doesn’t install this is the correct place i.e. under /opt/rh/rh-php70

I did do a test install and moved the files to the correct place for installing phpmyadmin but it still doesn’t run as there is an error “session_start(): Cannot find save handler ‘memcached’ - session startup failed” which maybe because of missing dependency.

Never used SCL because Remi was always working fine for me regardless if i do side-by-side installation or replacing existing PHP with new version, so cant make specific comments on SCL. Still i would not advise to use rh-php70* as this will install all packages, something you want to avoid at all cost as you will get a lot of PHP modules what you dont need and can me the cause for even more problems.

In “Third Party News” i posted a “How-To” to replace PHP 5.4 with 5.6 but with few minor changes you can use it to install other PHP versions side-by-side as the majority of steps are the same.

Using SCL installs all the files in a separate directory away from the core system files and allows you to select which version of php you want to use per virtual server plus per directory within that. It is also very easy to install and update. It is useful to be able to have such multiple versions of php in order to continue running sites using old versions of CMSes etc.

Phpmyadmin is not an issue since you can run this in it’s own directory using an earlier version of php in this case 5.5 as it won’t run on 5.6 at least the version from SCL.

phpMyAdmin doesnt have any problem to run on PHP5.6 as i have it right now running on my Virtualmin test server.