Snapshot the whole virtual server

**OS type and version: Test Server on Ubuntu 28.04 LTS, Prod on 18.04 with a plan to move on to 20.04 over the weekend.
**Webmin version: 1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.17-3
**Related products version: N/A - Generic Question


I have Ubuntu 18.04 LTS running in a Virtual environment with around 8 virtual servers (and 12 subdomains). I have configured daily back for all relevant domains (skipped a few for obvious reasons).

However, what I am worried about is: my backup can only restore domains for me, but if all hell breaks loose, the backup might not be very useful.

I am therefore looking for an option where I can get a snapshot of the entire server, which I can deploy in case of a disaster.

I also plan to keep a copy of this snapshot outside the server. So I can connect it on an external hard drive but can I also connect it to a cloud storage like S3 or GoogleDrive? If yes, how can I do that?

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Taking a snapshot of the whole system isn’t a feature of Virtualmin unfortunately - you’d need to look for other backup software for this. If your system is actually a VM this can be done more easily, as the VM management software can make a copy of the entire virtual disk.

Some hosters also offer snapshot systems default or as extra addon.

But for having copy offline or external you have to ask them if that is also possible!

Snapshot from a box is ofcourse always outside of that same box . :wink: ( makes no sense even if possible to have / save it on same box if there is error on that…)

Thanks for the help and suggestion guys… I am planning to test out Veeam and Acronis to see whhch works better - technically as well as commercially. Let’s see.

I use Linode as the server and you can take a snapshot, do work on your server and then delete the snapshot if not needed. The cost is only for the time the snapshot is kept. Easy way to backup the entire node when upgrading or doing work. I also backup the entire site nightly on AWS which is offsite and separate from LInode. Few bucks monthly for my 80GB server.

I would think migrating to something like Linode would be cheaper than buying the software but there may be other considerations. Good luck.

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