SMTP Store and Forward + Spam Filtering

Hi All,

I am having a lot of issue with trying to create and store and forward account.

What i would like to do it have virtualmin set up so it set up with a catchall account that collects all mail from the domain then filters spam and malware out in a mailbox. Then using smtp forwards it out to the server on-site.

So if the server on-site were to go down i could log into a mailbox and view all the email that is being collected.

If there any guides as I cant find any that do what I need :frowning:



It’s possible to setup email forwarding for a user within Virtualmin… but when that’s setup, that occurs before the email is scanned by SpamAssassin and ClamAV.

To make sure it gets scanned before being forwarded, what you could do is use an email account, and log into Usermin as that user. Within Usermin, if you setup email forwarding, that forwarding will take place after the email is scanned.


Hi Thanks for the information

I have had a look at this still having a bit of an issue

  1. i would need a catchall as i want all the email from the domain to be collected in one mailbox

  2. I need it to be forwarded via smtp on port 25 as soon at it gets collected and i cant see any way of doing that once the email is collected in an mailbox.

Been trying for a few days now with no luck.


What you could do is create an email alias, set it up as a catchall, then configure it to deliver to a particular email account.

Then, log into Usermin as that particular email account, and then set it up to forward all incoming email to an address on another server.

You can do that by going into Forward Email on the bottom-left of Usermin, and configure an email address for it to forward to.