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Hi all, I am facing a weird issue. I have successfully setup a virtualmin server along with a website that works and has SSL configured along with email acccounts but that virtual server doesn’t want to let me send mail on roundcube or connect to it via outlook. I can access my emails from the server and connect IMAP to outlook however when I go to send an email from roundcube I cant, it throws a smtp authentication 454 error and it won’t let me setup outgoing mail server settings in outlook, it just gets stuck on the authentication part of it. The funny thing is that when I login to usermin I can both receive emails and SEND them! However I cant send them through roundcube which is very annoying. I have all the domain keys setup as well as dmarc and spf and so when I send an email from usermin my emails go through and don’t end up in spam. How can I fix this? Its very annoying. I have the minimal version of virtualmin installed due to memory constraints however doubt this is an issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hi, i do not see anything wrong with virtualmin here… you having issues with roundcube - which is different matter totally eh round cube is running on your system does not trouble the system - it works, regards your custom setup - that is not an virtualmin issue…

Thank you for your reply, in that case I will try to reinstall roundcube however why can I not connect to the server via outlook? It allows me to connect to imap to view mail but when I try to connect via SMTP to send mail it just asks for the username and password constantly hence failing authentication. What would be the issue in this case?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Sam

The issue is your roundcube and how it’s configured. I assume it’s port 465 and not 454 (typo). Check that the user account is correct. It may not be but user.domain - I don’t know if you have configured roundcube for pop3 or imap or both or how smtp authentication will be validated.

Hi all, so I have finally managed to find out the reason behind my issue. After looking at the log files for mail I found that there was an issue with SASLAUTHD. I got the error “no such file or directory” for SASLAUTHD and hence any mail sent over port 587 failed because the user could not be authenticated. This is why in roundcube I got a “SMTP 454 error authentication failed” and could not login to the mail server in outlook.

The solution was a simple restart of SASLAUTHD! From the looks of it there may be a bug in the virtualmin install for debian reason being once I restarted the SASLAUTHD service it all worked and still is working without a problem. The reason I think its a bug or atleast a feature that should be fixed is because when I carried out the same virtualmin install on ubuntu I got no errors with email because once virtualmin was installed and finished the post installation wizard it asked to reboot the whole server and hence services, which restarted SASLAUTHD and hence had email working.

I would like to thank everyone for your help.

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well still I would suggest its not virtualmin issue as you pointed its the issue on debian… now ubuntu is debian based but they do modify system heavy… anyway im glad you figured this one out.

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