SMS in the UK


I want to find out if the sms alert that virtualmin does will work for a uk mobile phone?


Howdy Vikram,

That depends on whether your provider offers a reliable SMTP-to-SMS gateway (and whether we know what it is). What’s the service provider?

My provide is 3mobile.

OK, that one isn’t supported currently, and I couldn’t find any information on their website about SMTP-to-SMS (e.g. email to SMS) gateway service. They do provide their customers with an email address, but often that is not delivered immediately. Push mail is not a common feature–Sidekick and Blackberry have it, but most others do not. So, if it doesn’t come in via SMS, it’s not very useful for alerts.

You might email them to see if they offer an SMTP-to-SMS gateway that they don’t make known on their website. If we know the address and conventions (usually it’s just phonenumber@provider.tld), we can add support for your carrier.