SMART Drive Status

Trying to set up SMART drive status for my server and it’s currently listed under Un-used Modules (which incidentally should be called Unused Modules without the hyphen) and I get the message

The SMART control command smartctl was not found on your system, or is not set correctly in the module configuration. It must be installed before this module can be used.
When I install the module I get the following message The following modules have been successfully installed and added to your access control list : SMART Drive Status in /usr/share/webmin/smart-status (220 kB) under category Hardware
but looking under Hardware (even after a refresh of the page which doesn't happen automatically on any install) it still shows under Un-used Modules. In addition, when I click on it, it goes back to the initial message stating it's not installed etc.

Has this been changed or am I missing something?

Chris: Adelphia Interactive

Desktop: Windows 10 Pro x64
Server: Ubuntu
Webmin/Virtualmin: Latest (daily updates)

A lot of those kind of things need to be enabled after install. On Debian, you generally have to edit something in /etc/default. Perhaps this is one of those things…

But that’s the whole point of the installer in Webmin isn’t it, so you don’t have to edit the files manually? The directory is definitely created but if just doesn’t do anything and it’s not put under Hardware as the installer states.

Did you install smartmontools? That’s what’s needed. That’s always 1st thing I install and never had issue with it and webmin.

sudo apt-get install smartmontools

I just want to clarify that the Webmin module installer installs Webmin Modules. It does not install system packages. A Webmin module manages some service or application, it is not the actual service or application; so installing the Apache module in Webmin doesn’t install Apache, it only manages the Apache provided by the OS.

This is true of pretty much everything in Webmin; it is not the thing, it manages the thing.

Virtualmin gives a false impression, perhaps, of what Webmin is and does, because it handles nearly everything for you. It installs all the service packages, sets them up, turns them on, etc. and also installs a bunch of Webmin modules and sets them up correctly to work with all the services that were installed earlier in the install script.

Webmin isn’t like that at all. It’s a management UI, not a distribution of services and management tools. The line gets a bit fuzzy because Jamie has, over the years, added quite a bit of automagic stuff to handle installation of necessary packages in some modules. So, sometimes, Webmin will know how to install the packages you need to actually use a module, but not always (or even most of the time; it is the exception, not the rule).

All that said, I believe adding the smart tools to the default Virtualmin installation is maybe useful. It’s a tough call, though, as they aren’t useful to virtual machine installations (because they’re only seeing virtual disks) and I think at this point the majority of Virtualmin installations are on virtual machines. So, I’m hesitant to make the install even bigger for something that a majority of users can’t do anything with…even though for real systems SMART is a great feature (and Authentic will include SMART status in the dashboard if the commands are available).

OK, as my system is a dedicated server rather than a Virtual Machine, I’ll install smartmontools. Could this be added to the description when installing the SMART Drive Status, as without the information you guys have supplied I would never have known.

EDIT: Installed said smatmontools and all is now working. Had to do a module refresh in order for the SMART Drive Status to appear under Hardware.