Small problem with new hosts

Everytime I try to make a new host, this happens:

Performing other Apache configuration …
… configuration failed : Could not find any values in section PHP at …/ line 1376.

Setting up scheduled Webalizer reporting …
… done

Setting up log file rotation …
… Log file rotation failed! : … the log file /var/log/virtualmin/delta360.net_access_log is already being rotated at …/ line 1376.

Then the host creates, but PHP does not work, even though it works fine globally (/var/www).

Please help, this is getting annoying.


Hmm, that’s an odd issue!

I’ve asked Jamie for some additional input, but I have a few questions –

What distro/version are you using?

Is this a dedicated server, or a VPS? If a VPS, which kind is it… is that by chance OpenVZ?

How was Virtualmin installed – was that using the script?



Hi there, the system was wiped/reinstalled completely and now it works great, seems that there was an issue with either PHP installation or configuration. That’s why VirtualMin didn’t catch PHP.

I think the case is closed now, thanks for help.


Super, I’m glad it’s working now.

Jamie tells me that this issue can occur if there’s a problem with the php.ini file.

He was curious if there was an issue with the php.ini template being used.

If that occurs again, I’ll know what questions to ask :slight_smile:

Have a good weekend!