Slow emails

I am using postfix for mail and it is taking 16 minutes to deliver a single message. I created an email from the virtualmin send email to mailbox function so everything is coming from the same server. Also tried sending from an outside email and it still takes 16 minutes to deliver a message. Outbound mail goes out instantly. [color=#FF0000]This is agonizing![/color] Any suggestions on speeding this up would be greatly appreciated.

It’s probably clamscan being stupidly slow…which can take several minutes to start on some systems.

Try starting up clamd and switching over to clamdscan. SpamAssassin could also be contributing to the problem, though not nearly as dramatically, so might be worth starting spamd and switching to spamc instead of spamassassin.

Oh, yeah…DNS problems can also cause slowness for mail delivery.