Slight bug with PM's

I get a notification showing
I then click on the item I see

If the PM has been altered I would guess this error should not show & the item removed from the list.
any thoughts ?

I believe that means the message started as a public topic and then was made into a PM. That’s my guess, anyway. It’s sub-optimal that it shows up like this as a PM for you, but I don’t think it’ll happen often.

I have no idea how anything works in Discourse and my primary solution to problems is generally “Upgrade Discourse and hope the problem goes away.”

The only annoyance is I can not clear the unread bubble. So it always appears as 1 unread item

Earlier, I removed you from a support request message created by some Virtualmin Pro user. That support request was meant to be addressed to @staff. I think you have gotten a notification, however it has never been cleared even after the access to a private message was revoked.

I think, what you could try in order to clear the bubble notification, is either to force reload the browser’s page or logout and then re-login again to the forum.

Just click the dismiss button worked, however ( I know this won’t happen very often) maybe there should be a mechanism to stop this happening

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