Slave DNS not getting records from Master

OK so first the config:

Server 1 is running latest virtualmin on the latest centos 6, server 1 is running fine

Server 2 is also running dns server but as slave i setup according to this and the problem here is everything seems to be fine but the records are not being transferred to the slave servers, if i go to “Test Zone Transfer” it says:

"Testing transfer of slave zone from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX …
… from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX : Completed OK

Test transfer successfully fetched 14 records from at least one nameserver. Actual transfers by BIND should also succeed."

But in the slave server there are no records, there is a slave zone but no records inside…

Can i force an update somehow? or how long does it take for it to transfer the records?

Thanks a lot!


When you are creating/updating zones on the “master” sometimes the settings do take a little bit of extra time to propagate, though if it’s taking more than a few hours there may be something misconfigured.

If you’d like, through a screen sharing session I can do a diagnostic to see if anything is setup incorrectly.

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Morpheus: check the logs on both servers after you update and reload a master zonefile.

The master should send NOTIFY to the slaves, which will be logged on both master and slave.

The slave should, upon receipt of the NOTIFY, request a transfer of the zone, which will also be logged on both hosts.

Of course, the DNS logging has to be setup, so check that first :slight_smile: