Sites restored, but Cloudflare protected sites doesn't work properly

OS type and version Debian 12
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10.0 Pro,
Related packages SSL, DNS

Several sites restored from backup were processed extremely slow, even a 600KB backup file. After long long time process of restoring, Cloudflare protected sites are not working properly. Those sites returns Error 403 while visiting.

Do the sites work when you don’t go through Cloudflare? You need to narrow down the source of the problem.

Yes, you are right. Virtual Site not under Cloudflare Proxy are working properly, able to be visit.

I am now trying to remove Virtualmin and reinstall it with Cloudflare DNS setting guide written on Virtualmin Doc web site.

I am now facing an issue, the DNS Server show on Webmin is stopped, but it is started actually.

Clicked incorrectly to Amazon Cloud DNS… How can I change it to Cloudflare? The GUI doesn’t have any remove button or some alike.

That sounds like not something we would ever tell you to do.

We would never tell you to “reinstall Virtualmin”. What guide are you following?

If you’re hosting DNS at Cloudflare, you should disable the DNS Feature in Virtualmin, and you’d have no reason to run BIND.

Just add Cloudflare, and switch your domains to use it.

My current situation is I clicked Amazon… incorrectly. The GUI interface have no remove function/button. I cannot configure Cloudflare Cloud DNS.

Sorry for I was going to reinstall the Virtualmin. Because I am fixing the sites in urgent. It should be done on yesterday. I don’t want to wait for reply. So I tried something else by myself.

Sorry, I am going to reinstall Virtualmin again. Because I don’t got any guide about how to remove the Amazon Cloud DNS option and switch it to Cloudflare.

Yes you can. Go to Addresses and Networking->Cloud DNS Providers.

Configure Cloudflare.

As I mentioned. I have did incorrect option. I clicked the friendly remind button… Amazon… . Then I cannot see any button to let me remove the Amazon Cloud DNS item… My situation no way to remove it and choose Cloudflare.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. What do you see when you go to Addresses and Networking->Cloud DNS Providers, as I said above?

No way for remove it. That’s why I am going to reinstall it again and again. sorry.

You installed Virtualmin GPL. Only Pro has Cloudflare (and the other DNS providers).

It looks like you have a Virtualmin license, so maybe you want to upgrade your new install to Pro again (assuming this is the same server).

I have Pro license.

Reinstalling in progress. I have put my licenses related values inside Virtualmin every time I setup from reinstallation.

Yes, but the reason you don’t have Cloudflare as an option is because you do not have Virtualmin Pro installed. You have Virtualmin GPL installed. You can upgrade it to Pro (and, for fresh installs, you can install it by using the link provided in your account page on our website).

You doesn’t get my situation. I clicked Amazon option incorrectly. Do you understand? Then the GUI have no way to let user to remove the wrongly added Amazon item on Cloud DNS setting page.

I again don’t know what you’re talking about. You can get a link to directly download an install script that will include your license information on your account page on our website.

If you didn’t install Pro to start with, it can be upgraded to Pro. But, there’s no reason to install GPL and then upgrade to Pro if you already have a license. Get the install version for Pro for the install.

Also stop reinstalling! This is crazy! You’re wasting a bunch of time. You can upgrade.