Site down is giving “404 Not Found” now, including the home page:

Archived version (January 29, 2018):

Yesterday (Feb 15) was saying:
“Project web is currently offline pending the final migration of its data to our new datacenter.”

Yeah, SourceForge is doing a data migration…it was supposed to be finished two days ago. I think we’ll need to bring it up on one of our servers, as this isn’t the first long outage. But, we don’t know anymore than anybody else. The CEO of messaged me on Twitter a couple of days ago saying it’d be finished soon…but, it’s still not done, I guess.

Downloads are still available (the yum and debian repos run on our servers):


And docs are also still available (also on our servers):

I’ll see about getting a mirror of the site up and running on our servers today.

This is working:

Webmin repo key not yet: (but it’s archived at

SourceForge has said something yesterday about this: “Datacenter Migration Update”

Jamie’s key is available on our download server, too (at least, I think it’s the same one):

Yes, that’s the same key, and easy to use with wget, etc. for quick Webmin installation. Thank you. is back online.

And its down again… lol

yet offline, any news about when it will return?

In the meantime, these are online: